VB#119: Pennsylvania Chocolate Milk (Part 9) Triumphant(?) Return, TV Appearance Prep

Returning to PA a couple months after the original week-long binge to appear on ABC27's GoodDay PA show to discuss (and taste) the state's top chocolate milks. That involves revisiting the dairies to pick up milk for the show, and along the way, I'll endeavor to snap up the last few remaining PA-based chocolate milks that I knew about at the time. There's always more, and in my best Arnold impression-- "I'll be baaack."

VB#113: Pennsylvania Chocolate Milk (Part 3)

Another day on the grind, eleven more Pennsylvania-based chocolate milks obtained. Starting in Wilkes Barre, we visit Scranton, Hazelton, Tamaqua, New Holland, and Lititz, before absconding with the spoils to Harrisburg-- which would be the base of operations for the next few days.

VB#112: Pennsylvania Chocolate Milk (Part 2)

Glamorous? Gratuitous? Just plain gluttonous? You be the judge-- a typical day on the chocolate milk grind in eastern PA, and the first day of a whirlwind week-long sweep through the state. Baily's Dairy, Tanner Bros. Dairy, Merrymead Farm, Crystal Spring Farm, and Hillside Farms-- something for everybody.

VB#111: Pennsylvania Chocolate Milk (Part 1)

There's so much chocolate milk in PA, that you just have to start somewhere! In this case, a brief visit to Pittsburgh yielded chocolate milk from Turner's Dairy, Schneider's Dairy, Brunton Dairy, Pot O Gold Dairy, and Giant Eagle (not in the video). I later return to PA for a legitimate week-long pilgrimage to get all I can find, which was no simple task. Stay tuned..