VB#127: Chocolate Milk in Las Vegas-- Boom or Bust?

What's the best chocolate milk in Las Vegas? Probably not a question that comes up very often, but in a city built on probability (and possibility)-- we go deep on chocolate milk-- scouring the Strip and surrounding areas to find some of the truly great chocolate milk available in Sin City. As with most things in Vegas, it’s there if you know where to look!

VB#126: Ohio Chocolate Milk-- "Find it Here"

Ohio further cements itself as one of the top chocolate milk producing states in the country, as I review some of the chocolate milks that I wasn't able to pick up my first time through Ohio-- Origin, Dugan Road Creamery, Woodruff Jersey Farm, and Rowdy Cow Creamery. Which is the best? You just might have to seek all of these out and try for yourself.

Milestone: 1,300 Chocolate Milks Reviewed!!

Thirteen hundred different chocolate milks over the course of 882 days works out to be about 1.47 per day— just shy of the doctor-recommended rate of 1.50 (Kevorkian et al., 1991). Half of the last 100 chocolate milks reviewed were courtesy of the great state of Pennsylvania, which has been officially crowned as the World Capital of Chocolate Milk. The next hundred won’t come easily: a reassuring sign that it’s all worthwhile.

VB#121: The Best Chocolate Milk In Colorado

So what is the best chocolate milk that comes from Colorado? Many great thinkers have pondered this exact question over the years, but it largely has remained a mystery. In this episode, we examine the local chocolate milk scene in detail here and make a solid conclusion regarding Colorado's best. Fortunately, no 'great thinkers' were necessary.

VB#119: Pennsylvania Chocolate Milk (Part 9) Triumphant(?) Return, TV Appearance Prep

Returning to PA a couple months after the original week-long binge to appear on ABC27's GoodDay PA show to discuss (and taste) the state's top chocolate milks. That involves revisiting the dairies to pick up milk for the show, and along the way, I'll endeavor to snap up the last few remaining PA-based chocolate milks that I knew about at the time. There's always more, and in my best Arnold impression-- "I'll be baaack."