Below is an overview of the current format of the home page and product info page.



The Home page displays the following information for each given product:

  • frontal picture of the unopened product
  • overall (subjective) rating (from 0.0 to 10.0)
  • approximate date of the trial
  • product full name
  • brief description of product's taste/texture/etc. or whatever stands out

Clicking on the image will bring you to the product's detail page, which will generally have the below information.


A reprint of the same product notes that were displayed on the home page.

Image gallery

Each product has an image gallery showing all relevant angles (and label text) as well as an 'opened' picture with the product in a clear glass or plastic container.  Clicking on an individual image will open it in a lightbox where it can be viewed in its entirety.

Taste Ratings

These are subjective ratings that I assign during the tasting session.  All ratings are on a zero to ten scale, and are recorded to approximate my best description for how the product looks/feels/tastes to me.

  • Color: simply a measure of lightness/darkness, from 0 (very light) to 10 (very dark)-- unfortunately I cannot compare hundreds of products at one time, so each is my best assessment for the time and the given products by which to compare.
  • Hue: scale is 0 (very gray) to 10 (very brown), though some products may also have a reddish tint that may not be captured in this scale.
  • Viscosity: from 0 (very thin) to 10 (very thick), judged from how it feels in the mouth rather than how it looks while being poured.
  • Texture: a measure of the product uniformity or how rough or smooth it feels in the mouth, from 0 (very smooth) to 10 (very grainy) which may leave a lot of residue or noticeable aggregate in the mouth or on the tongue when tasting.
  • Chalk: from 0 (no chalk) to 10 (very chalky)-- chalkiness is a 'feel' that most people associate with antacid medicine, but to me it's separate enough from the 'texture' measurement to warrant its own spot in the ratings.
  • Cocoa: a measure of cocoa flavor intensity, from 0 (absent) to 10 (very strong).  Cocoa/chocolate flavor comes in many different types and forms, and hopefully that is mentioned in the notes if it is significant.
  • Cream: a measure of the creamy taste of the product, not necessarily the texture (like the difference in taste between skim and whole milk), from 0 (no cream taste) to 10 (very creamy taste).
  • Sweet: a measure of sweetness intensity, from 0 (no sweetness) to 10 (extreme sweetness)-- and much like cocoa, there are many types of sweetness which may be addressed in the notes, as this is solely a measure of the strength of the sweetness.
  • Salt: a measure of saltiness, from 0 (no salt) to 10 (extremely salty).
  • Overall: the overall subjective rating of the product, considering all the factors listed above as well as others that are not so easily captured in a ratings scale, from 0 (undrinkable) to 10 (extremely enjoyable).

Purchase Info

  • Location: City, State (if applicable), Country where I purchased the product
  • Store: Name of the store where I purchased the product
  • Unit(s): Unit size (in mL) of the product, may also be a pack of individual units (i.e. three pack of 200mL boxes)
  • Price: Local currency paid for the product, and the USD equivalent at the time of purchase

Nutrition Facts (per 100mL)

Pretty self-explanatory here, the nutrition information normalized on a 100mL portion.  A typical 'serving size' in the US is 1 cup / 8 fluid ounces, or about 240mL.  

Not all products provide all of the info in the table above.  All non-English products are translated to the best of my abilities (or the abilities of the person who helped me).

In cases where no nutritional information is provided on the packaging, I do my best to acquire the info from the producer's customer service or website.


Product ingredients, translated into English as necessary.  Labelling requirements may differ from country to country.

Country of the product's origin.  

Clicking the link will display all products produced in that country.

Product Origin