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TruMoo After Dark Mexican Style Chocolate Milk

Wow— this flavor profile (chocolate, chili pepper, cinnamon) may not be for everyone (self included), but it’s executed remarkably well here, particularly the slightly delayed heat from the pepper that comes in at the perfect time and strength. The cinnamon is not overpowering, and the chocolate is present throughout. A marvel of modern engineering, and if you think you might like this, it’s a no-brainer.

Galliker's Chocolate Milk

No shortage of flavor, though a bit reliant on sweetness to carry it through. Each sip starts and ends sweet, and there’s cocoa in between but there’s nearly a syrupy quality to it that lingers in the throat beyond its curfew.

Anderson Erickson Chocolate Hazelnut Milk

Much more palatable hazelnut chocolate milk than most of what I had in Europe— as there’s no punishing bitterness or cheap hand lotion-inspired texture. It’s milky, nutty, sweet, salty— lots of flavor going on here, and I suspect that if you fancy hazelnut, you’ll dig this quite a bit.

Central Dairy Chocolate Milk

The flavor balance is skewed more towards ‘sweet’ than ‘chocolate’— a trope often seen in lower-fat chocolate milks. Whole milk shouldn’t need this sort of ‘band-aid’— don’t get me wrong, it still tastes good, but could be a lot better with more cocoa and less sugar.

United Dairy Farmers Homemade Serious Chocolate Lowfat Milk

Emphatically delivers on the ‘serious chocolate’ claim— it is abundantly so. It’s also significantly sweeter than average, and an odd choice to attempt to extend a 1% fat chocolate milk into the indulgent sphere. For the most part, it works— as the flavor is great (especially in small quantities due to the heavy-handed sugar), but it’s definitely more ‘starchy’ than ‘creamy’; you can't fake it with filler.

Schneider's Chocolate Milk

Luxuriously smooth and creamy, but severely lacking cocoa flavor. It’s still very pleasant to sip— especially if you fancy vanilla milk— as that’s what it tastes like. The texture is spot-on, and the flavor is muted (even for vanilla milk), but I still find it enjoyable and worthwhile.

Castle Rock Organic Farms Cream Line Chocolate Milk

Fantastic creamy flavor, though you do have to eat some of it. The chocolate settles rather quickly, but if you can catch it in suspension, you will be able to taste it— but cream is the predominant flavor. Vigorous shaking is insufficient to mix it completely— you will require mechanical means for this should you wish to try. 

Beau & Belle Cocoa

Coarsely chocolaty— the kind that makes you feel like you’ve got a lovely cocoa film on your teeth. The strong chocolate flavor meshes well with its under-sweet base, providing a jolt of flavor that ends with a satisfyingly natural (yet slightly drying) aftertaste. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy package, this is an adult beverage.