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Straus Family Creamery Organic Chocolate Milk

Wow— super strong cocoa flavor, paired with a mature, undersweet sourness that delivers a haymaker of deliciousness! It offers what I desire most in chocolate milk exceedingly well— creaminess unencumbered by viscosity, brilliantly indulgent and punchy mature cocoa flavor, and a unique had-nearly-one-thousand-chocolate-milks-but-nothing-quite-like-this factor that puts this into rarefied orbit for me.

Hudson Valley Fresh Chocolate Milk

A perfect example of where ‘thickness’ is justified by the creaminess. This is indulgent without being ostentatious, as the cream is more prominent than the cocoa, which comes through more in the latter half of the sip— as though the cream delivers it to the tongue and tiptoes away quietly— but you appreciate the act more so than the gift itself.

Tine Sjokoladesmak Milkshake

Wow— after all the ‘milkshakes’ I’ve had in the ~230mL cup, I was prepared for this to be terrible. Couldn’t have been further off! The texture is milky, not over-emulsified sludge, and the flavor is malty, amply chocolaty, salty, sweet, and an absolute pleasure to drink. Perfectly nails the milkshake taste in a container you can take home, store in the fridge, and open when your day needs drastic improvement.

Bio Primo Kakao Schoko Drink

Same as Schweitzer Choco Bio: Flavor that is an absolute punch in the face, this should not be missed. Very chalky, but for a good cause— incredibly strong and tasty cocoa flavor, plenty of cream, sweetness, and salt. Simply one of the best I have ever had!