Project Scope

Even the most foolish of errands needs boundaries.  I'm doing my best to eliminate geography as one of them, however, outlined below is a breakdown of what is deemed 'In Scope' and 'Out of Scope' for the project.  

I may add new parameters as over time, and certainly there are the occasional 'Out of Scope' items that find their way into the database.  I would much rather err on the side of over-inclusion (for completeness) as opposed to potentially missing out on something that may have been 'In Scope.'

In Scope.png

In Scope

  • Commercially available chocolate milk in its original form (some countries may refer to it as chocolate flavored milk, chocolate milk drink, chocolate drink, etc.)
  • Fresh (refrigerated) and UHT (ultra-high temperature) / long-life chocolate milk
  • Milk of animal origin (cows, goats, sheep, yaks(?), etc.)
    • The occasional non-milk product may sneak into the database, either due to iconic prevalence (i.e. Yoohoo), or in some cases where I am unable to translate the ingredients in time to realize that the product should have been Out of Scope
  • All versions of basic chocolate milk, such as
    • Whole milk / low fat / non fat
    • Lactose containing / Lactose free
    • Organic / Non-Organic
    • Normal sugar / Low(er) sugar
    • Pasteurized / Non-pasteurized
    • Homogenized / Non-homogenized
    • Vitamin enriched (in most cases)
Out of Scope.png


Out of Scope

  • Flavored (non-chocolate) milk, such as strawberry, vanilla, coffee, etc.
    • Also chocolate flavor pairings, such as mocha, choco-banana, chocolate mint, white chocolate, cookies & creme, etc.
    • Exception: 'chocolate malt' flavored products are deemed to be In Scope, as 'malt' flavor can be a naturally-occurring
  • Chocolate products in powder or syrup form that you would mix yourself into (presumably) chocolate milk
  • Protein-enriched chocolate milk concoctions (i.e. Muscle Milk, Rockin Refuel, Core Power, etc.)
  • 'Milk' not of animal origin, including (but not limited to)
    • Soy milk
    • Almond / Cashew / Nut milk
    • Rice / Corn / Oat milk
    • Hemp / Flax milk
  • Other chocolate dairy drinks that are different enough in composition to 'normal' chocolate milk
    • Chocolate yogurt drinks
    • Chocolate milk shakes
    • Chocolate pudding