Yep.  I've loved chocolate milk ever since I can remember, and have become obsessed with finding the absolute best the world has to offer.  And perhaps the worst.

In order to do that, I would have to...well, try them ALL.

So here I am.  Foolish enough to try, naive enough to continue, determined enough to embrace diabetes before my 40th birthday.

Two-plus years into it, I feel as though I have an excellent grasp on what constitutes a great chocolate milk experience— and I still cherish the exploration of untapped regions like nothing else.

As of 2019, I’m living in the States and am no longer on the road full-time, but will continue to seek out untried chocolate milk with the same fervency as ever, just no longer at a breakneck (by ‘neck’ I mean pancreas) pace which can be hard to sustain for long swaths of time.

I’m always happy to take suggestions and make recommendations, for anyone wanting to share their experiences or draw from mine (contact me at PJ@afoolzerrand.com). I definitely want to continue to improve the site, not only with new content, but in making it more usable and navigation friendly (I know it needs a refresh in that regard— working toward that with all the free time and budget* I can marshal). Thanks for checking out the site!

*To call the budget ‘shoestring’ would be unfairly depreciatory of shoestrings.

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