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Power Cow Milk Shake Chokladsmak

Strong cocoa flavor that layers nicely with a creamy taste, capped off with appropriate levels of sweet and salt. It's super thick, especially if you shake for the recommended 30 seconds, and that is the lone (but significant) drawback. It feels more indulgent than the nutrition information would suggest, which is impressive; if you like thickness, prioritize this shake over most others in Europe.

Pucko Original Chokladmjölk

Highly reminiscent of Cocio Original-- which is not a bad thing. It manages that same unique flavor despite having 3 additional ingredients that Cocio doesn't (salt, calcium carbonate, flavor). Nicely thin texture, very drinkable, settles in the bottle and in the esophagus like chocolate milk should.

Matilde Sport 50% Less Sugar

Clearly, Matilde felt it necessary to concoct a cross between the ‘Mini’ 50% less sugar version and the ‘Sport’ extra protein version. In this case, you get the worst of both: super-chalky, nasty texture (Sport) and the gutter runoff flavor (Mini) that would make tree bark taste like peanut butter fudge by comparison.

Matilde Favorit Kakao Skummetmaelk

Bland with a slightly nutty flavor that is an improvement over the sour/dirty flavor of the original. Considering the paucity of sugar in this product, it's not bad, but compared with normal chocolate milk, it’s still noticeably behind. Tastes better than expected, but my expectations could have stood tall beneath a pregnant tick.

Cocio Chocolate Flavour Milkshake

Thick and starchy feeling-- and a bit of an incongruous ‘cream’ flavor that reminds me of products that emulate butter, but aren’t quite butter. There’s ahint of cardboard in it as well, at least it strikes the back-roof of my mouth as such. Sweet, starchy, not worth the 102 cals / 100mL price tag.

Ollingegaard Mejeri Okologisk Chocomaelk

Awesome aesthetics— whether in its separated or shaken state. It’s a very unique flavor— heavily sour, but swept away by a luxuriously creamy wave. It’s remarkable, in the sense that I’ll remember it for a long time and at some point in my life another taste of something will transport me momentarily back to Copenhagen in remembrance.