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Dilea Choco

There's a pleasant caramel quality to it that isn’t hampered by an aftertaste or any other type of phoniness that you often get with that. It’s very thin, decently sweet, and goes down like a champ. Great option for the lactose averse.


Very strange flavor, which to me is reminiscent of anise/licorice. Extremely thin and smooth, but the flavor is off-putting for one expecting chocolate milk.

Eroski Batido De Cacao

Exceptionally chalky with a low amount of sweetness that actually works to its advantage. The cocoa flavor maybe a bit more acidic than I initially expected, but remained consistent throughout and by the end it was not an issue. My first thought was ‘tomato’ when I took a small sip— but that proved to be fleeting.

Ram Batido Al Cacao

Creamy and not overly sweet, my first thoughts were there was a tiny hint of a ‘pencil lead’ type taste that I hadn’t thought about since the last time I chewed on a pencil. Otherwise, it’s rather good.

Don Simon Batido De Chocolate

Sporting an amaretto-ish smell, I was curious if the flavor would follow suit. It did. Very thin and fairly smooth, this doesn’t taste much like a chocolate milk should— it reminds me of a poor version of (Romanian) Zuzu. Potable only by the narrowest of margins.

Spar Batido De Chocolate

Very flavorful and thin/smooth texture with ample creaminess and salt. Doesn’t leave the ‘milk mustache’ residue on the side of the glass— it almost runs down like water, but I can’t deny the dark chocolate taste and overall excellent drinking experience.

Cacaolat Upp

Exceptionally chalky and ‘thickened’ feel, a fortified taste dominates the others. Lots of grain left in the mouth. The taste is not off-putting on its own, but when tried against other chocolate milks, you can notice a stiff mineral twang.