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Shakes Chocolate Milk

Compositionally identical to Moo Milk Chocolate, same drinking experience as well. Unfortunately, more of a wheaty/malty flavor than that of cocoa, though the remaining complement of flavors is respectable. There’s a chalkiness to the aftertaste that is a bit drying and unpleasant. It won’t beat you over the head with flavor, nor will it embarrass you in public.

Moo Milk Choc Fudge Flavoured Milk

Pleasantly sweet, and a unique chocolate flavor that you think will be fruity but it goes in a different direction when the salt kicks in— it’s intriguing. It does candify the cocoa slightly, but the balance works surprisingly well. Hard one to review— it’s memorable, but not outstanding, and not terrible—the uniqueness puts it just over 5.0.

Marks & Spencer Belgian Chocolate Milkshake (Wales)

Uber-sweet to the point where it nearly singes the back of the throat, but highly flavorful as well— there’s plenty of chocolate to be had. It’s almost as if they didn’t have the confidence in the cocoa flavor (which is plenty good) and cream (more than adequate) that they had to dump in a pile of sugar to boot. Most people will love this stuff, and I don’t hate it, but would enjoy it a lot more with a considerable drop in sugar.

Muller Frijj Fudge Brownie Flavour Milkshake

A sharp sourness to the initial bouquet will almost certainly (negatively) bleed into your taste experience. There’s a definite ‘caramel’ flavor pursuit here, which is odd given the ‘fudge brownie’ moniker. The taste isn’t as offensive as the smell, and the texture is noticeably thinner than other Frijj products— overall, it’s more caramel than brownie, and the initial flavor mystery wears off for the better as you sip away.