All in Austria

Milk It! Czekoladowy

Straightforward chocolate flavor delivered through a texture that feels smooth going down, but leaves a lot of residue on the sides of the glass (most will drink it out of the bottle and never notice this). No surprises here (good or bad) but well-executed and worthy of your spare zloty.

Bio Plus Kakao Genuss

Unique! It’s creamy, thin, a bit chalky, and the hazelnut flavor mixed in creates an almost cinnamon-y flavor that works surprisingly well with the rest of the product, perhaps because it nicely mutes the sweetness. This is not a flavor profile that I would seek out, but this formulation has won me over.

Spar Enjoy Schoko-Drink

Wow— tons of cocoa flavor that refuses to leave your side after each indulgent sip. There’s definitely some grit to it, but the cream helps to sweep it away and you won't mind anyhow. Might even give you a buzz if you’ve been chocolate deprived.

Billa Kakao

A bit gritty but still a milky feel-- the creaminess is executed well and doesn’t gum things up. The cocoa flavor is decidedly toward the earthy end of the spectrum, but the supporting cast compensates to make this an enjoyable and memorable drink.

Koawach Klassik Naturlich Schokoladig

So incredibly brown that it's almost red-- feels like it's staining my teeth immediately upon consumption. Kinda worth it though-- it has a super strong cocoa flavor and a minute amount of sweetness (tastes a lot less sweet than the 8.8g sugar/100mL would suggest). It's also the first chocolate milk product I’ve had that is caffeinated (guarana). In short, this is memorable and should be sought out for fans of super dark chocolate.

Barebells Chocolate Flavor Milkshake

No added sugar, plenty of protein, and actually not tasteless or terribly offensive. The texture feels dense (a slight departure from ‘milky’) but the artificial sweeteners do their job well and the package is not only potable, but preferable (from a taste standpoint) to many others in the ‘recovery’ market.