All in Belgium

Envia Mister Drop Cacaoté

Well rounded boxed chocolate milk with a thin creaminess that is appreciated. This contributes to an (admittedly) intangible good ‘feel’, which, along with the appropriate level of sweetness, does well to support its ample cocoa flavor.

Inex Ta Boe Choco Loco

Despite having zero sweeteners (natural or artificial), this does *feel* like it’s artificially sweetened. It gives a sensation on the tongue not too different from artificially sweetened products I’ve had, but I do trust the label. It’s not offensive, especially considering the zero sweetener claim— they’ve done well to make it palatable.

Vitalac ChocoVit Sport Energy

Noticeably thicker (though still less so than average) and a fair bit more flavorful than the glass bottle version— thanks mostly to a maltiness that pervades the experience. A uniquely-flavored drink that is more malt than cocoa, but makes that formula work.

Inex Samson Chocodrink

There's some kind of action that goes on in the back of the mouth, akin to a how a relatively light liqueur might feel. Maybe this stuff is starting to ‘turn’— it’s not quite to the boozy stage but has a disconcerting feel, and a sourness that fills the remainder of the experience.

Winny Chocolademelk

Gorgeous aesthetics when poured out of the box (which might be the most generic-looking packaging I’ve yet seen!), but nothing more than a lightly sweet, mildly flavored, recognizably cocoa beverage. Simple from first look to first taste.

Cecemel Demi-Ecreme

Not much of a downgrade from the standard version— the strong flavors are all still preset and the 11 calorie (per 100mL) difference seems negligible from a taste standpoint. The grain seemed a bit larger and more noticeable in this version.

Boni Choco Lait

Feels like average chocolate milk that’s been watered down just a little. It spends little time in your mouth, and never really gets a chance to establish much of a taste. It’s not offensive, but certainly not indulgent.

Pur Natur Organic Cocoa Milk

Generous amount of salt brings out the cream and malt— providing a refreshingly unique flavor that isn’t heavy-handed with cocoa. It’s remarkably drinkable, thanks to the sharpness of flavor and thin viscosity (yet still a creamy taste).