All in China

You Chun Black Chocolate

Wow, dark chocolate flavor, dialed-back sweetness, great creamy quality— all delivered through a velvety thin texture. The taste lingers nicely on the tongue; you will wish it stayed for longer. Took me 7 weeks in China to find one, but the remainder of my time here will be spent with a carton of this in close proximity.

Ovaltine Cocoa (China)

There is some identifiable cocoa flavor which fortunately rises out of a relatively watery base. This is how you would expect Ovaltine to taste if you are used to the powdered version. It’s lightly malty, slightly fortified, and more toward the ‘responsible' end of the indulgence scale.

Plum Park Chocolate Milk Drink

Tastes like weak watered-down coffee mixed with mild children’s cough medicine. Unpleasant regardless of anyone’s taste preferences. Its only strength is that it’s very low-calorie; no wonder chocolate milk is not popular in China— if this is what they think it is.

Mengniu Chocolate Milk

Viscosity and texture are its best attributes— the flavor categories are remarkably unfulfilled. I will concede that the 5th sip tastes better than the first few, though I doubt most people would desire to go that far.