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Emmi Choco Latte Classic

Tons thinner than you’d expect from this packaging (often used for milkshakes) and it nails the high-cream-to-low-viscosity ratio that is one of my top criteria for a high score. The cocoa flavor is strongly sour, and interacts well with the cream, bringing you a very mature and indulgent feel that is refreshing in a world of over-emulsified, candy-sweet drinks.

Ok.- Choco-Drink

Exactly what it claims to be: “OK.” Very similar in look and taste (and ingredients) to Cremo Choky, and only slightly less flavorful as far as I could tell. The sweetness seemed to have just a tiny bit of fruity quality, which I did not detect in the Choky.

Emmi Energy Milk Choco

Decent flavor for what it is, but not overly chocolaty. The flavor is a rather mildly malty one, it’s better than no flavor at all (like Migros Energy Drink Choco). The salt is definitely more noticeable as well, which helps significantly.