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Windy Ridge Dairy Chocolate Milk

Wow! The first sip is an education, the second sip is for confirmation, and all remaining sips are pure, unadulterated recreation. If normal ‘great’ chocolate milk is akin to melted ice cream, this is melted Haagen Dazs, and time spent not in pursuit of this chocolate milk should be considered wasteful and foolhardy!

Rivendale Chocolate Milk

Fantastically mature cocoa flavor that coalesces seamlessly with velvety smooth cream, capped with a knowing nod to the wild; all aspects are honed to such a high degree of quality. Chocolate milk aficionados would be extremely remiss to pass up this experience afforded by Rivendale.

Whoa Nellie Dairy Chocolate Milk

Melted chocolate butter— what more can you say. I will forever remember where I stood in that Connellsville, PA public parking lot when my insides were first graced with this gloriously indulgent, refulgent, buttery bliss of a beverage. The name makes sense to me now.

Edgewood Creamery Chocolate Milk

Infinitely creamy, delectably malty, and a sleek, velvety viscosity that won’t clog one’s esophagus (despite my best efforts). It’s got a just the right amount of wildness, and a buttery base that sustains its flavor well into the post-sip introspection stage.

Bennett Family Farm Chocolate Milk

Delectably creamy and malty, with a natural-feeling texture and well-sustained aftertaste that prolongs the quality of each exquisite sip. The sole downside is the pain and anguish I will feel after having exhausted the 1.89L bottle, knowing that I won’t soon return to western Oregon.

Nutcher Milk Company Chocolate Milk

Devastatingly beautiful mouthfeel, highlighted by a creamy cascade of love that impregnates your palate with the essence of what chocolate milk was intended to be. I feel it deserves at least few more adulatory sentences, but crafting them (and doing it adequate justice) would cut into my time, which, at this moment, is better spent transferring the bottle’s contents to my midsection.

Straus Family Creamery Organic Chocolate Milk

Wow— super strong cocoa flavor, paired with a mature, undersweet sourness that delivers a haymaker of deliciousness! It offers what I desire most in chocolate milk exceedingly well— creaminess unencumbered by viscosity, brilliantly indulgent and punchy mature cocoa flavor, and a unique had-nearly-one-thousand-chocolate-milks-but-nothing-quite-like-this factor that puts this into rarefied orbit for me.

Bio Primo Kakao Schoko Drink

Same as Schweitzer Choco Bio: Flavor that is an absolute punch in the face, this should not be missed. Very chalky, but for a good cause— incredibly strong and tasty cocoa flavor, plenty of cream, sweetness, and salt. Simply one of the best I have ever had!