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Fairlife Chocolate Whole Milk

The same, signature Fairlife twang plugged into a more clotted base. The sweetness is distractingly unnatural and significantly hampers the experience. I get that the nutrition stats are attractive (low sugar, high protein) and it serves that market well, but from a flavor standpoint, it doesn’t quite do whole milk justice.

Dutch Maid Chocolate Milk

Strong cocoa flavor in a thin, and slightly under-creamy (considering the fat content) medium. It satisfies your chocolate craving in a pinch, but comes up a bit short on the 'milk' side of the ledger. All in all, it balances out to an average experience.

Alaska Choco!

Impressively chocolaty and under-sweet— only held back by the thick(ish), powdery/chalky texture— which is far from a deal-breaker, but rather a persistent annoyance. Nonetheless, the remainder of the drink is flavorful, creamy enough, and enjoyable enough to garner an average overall score.

Fernleaf Chocolate Milk

Solid but uninteresting, with the mild salty/buttery snap at the end being its standout feature. The chocolate bit is underwhelming, but not egregiously so— all in all, a competent offering that stands above much of its Malaysian competition somewhat by default.

UK Farm Chocolate Goat Milk

The dominant flavor is ‘malt’ by a long shot— it’s not particularly chocolaty or goaty. The texture is excellent, and the creaminess shines as well (especially given the thin medium). It’s not ‘gamey’ or ‘wild’ tasting as other non-cow milks can be, but more on the bland side with plus physical attributes.

Sonic Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Smoother and slightly less sweet than Bojangles, and a similarly enjoyable experience. It doesn't take any chances; escaping mediocrity is likely not the goal here. Sonic has many more truly indulgent menu options— chocolate milk need not be one of them.