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Clover Sonoma Chocolate Milk

Decent cocoa flavor (perhaps with hints of caramel), however the texture woes noticed in the Reduced Fat version are present here as well. It feels unnecessarily thick and the creaminess doesn’t disperse in a natural-feeling way. There’s plenty to like about the flavor here, but the manner in which it's delivered takes me out the experience.

Vita Chocolate Milk

Competent all-purpose chocolate milk that should't feel self-conscious around more indulgent options. It’s averagely sweet, salty, chocolaty, and dons a noticeable, but relatively sheer cloak of malt. The package design and color scheme is genius.

Magnolia Chocolait

Excellent texture and a surprisingly clean finish, making it easy to want more. The sweetness is appropriate, and there’s no funky aftertaste or curious residue left in the mouth afterward. It’s not obvious that it’s rehydrated.

Hokkaido Chocolate Milk

It looks like vanilla (or regular) milk, and tastes like vanilla milk— despite clearly being labeled as a ‘chocolate milk beverage.’ There’s zero chocolate, or even an attempt to make it look or taste chocolaty. That said, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s super creamy, not hampered by thickeners or starchiness, and the flavor, though devoid of chocolate, is rather agreeable.

Kuang Chuan Dairy Chocolate Milk

Prominently chocolaty— and has just a hint of hazelnut essence (not sure if actually contains any)— it’s rather rich considering the fairly pedestrian 65 calories / 1.4g fat per 100mL it has to work with. The sweetness is restrained quite a bit, allowing its cocoa to stand tall— they've done well here.