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Shatto Milk Company Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk

Refreshingly smooth and chocolate-focused— the majority of the ‘flavor-spend’ seems dedicated to its cocoa profile. It could use a bit more support from a cream and salt perspective; I think what calories are ‘saved’ by drinking this instead of its full-fat counterpart are not nearly worth the flavor discrepancy, as Shatto’s whole chocolate milk is worldwide elite.

Woodruff Jersey Farm Chocolate Malt

As with Grace Harbor Farms, I like what I taste here, but just couldn’t get the cream to incorporate, even with super-vigorous shaking and manual stirring (I don’t have a blender). You’re either forced to chew some cream chunks (I’m not opposed) or ignore them and drink a super-thin, cream-deficient junior varsity version of what it could be.

Kroger Private Selection Primo Pastures Belgian Chocolate Milk

A suitable alternative to main-lining Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It’s uber sweet, cumbersomely chalky, and powerfully chocolaty— but in a more sweet than bitter way. There’s an almost alcohol-like twang to the finish— as though chocolate liqueur was a major component of the flavor. In short, you CAN have too much of a good thing— and they’re trying way too hard here; it reeks more of desperation than aspiration.

Weis Chocolate Milk

Strongly flavorful but fairly misguided in its approach. You’re hammered with a syrupy sweet, caramel flavor that lingers on the palate and doesn’t foster the 'whole chocolate milk' experience you expect.

Meijer Low Fat Chocolate Milk

Decent amount of punch to the flavor, which feels dense and layered— an odd quality for low fat chocolate milk. There’s plenty of salt throughout and the sweetness doesn’t overstay its welcome. Texture-wise, it’s a bit on the starchy side, but overall it stands well above average.

Darigold Refuel Rich Chocolate Shake

Tons of flavor, particularly on the sweet end of the spectrum, which is also its biggest drawback. There’s no fortified taste whatsoever— it’s all very well hidden behind an impenetrable wall of sweet. The cocoa and salt are both stronger than average as well, and help to provide much-needed dimension.

KenKen Bread Chocolate Milk

The heavy chalkiness is (in part) warranted by the cocoa flavor, and (in part) mitigated by the cream quotient that serves as a competent base for a drink that is nearly devoid of sweetness- and it works. The flavor is more of a ‘slow burn’— and it feels more sophisticated than your average sweetened milk beverage.

HEB MooTopia Chocolate Milk

Immediate flavor rushes in with each sip— a rather welcome guest that stays just a bit too long. The artificial sweeteners are present but on good behavior, and despite a chalky medium, there’s plenty to like about this. It’s strongly salty, which outlasts the other flavors for the most part, but makes it easy to return for more.

Prairie Farms Chocolate & PB

Much saltier and sweeter than I was expecting— the ‘peanut’ side of things is more strongly represented than the ‘chocolate.’ After the initial shock (of powerful salty/sweet/nutty) wears off, it gets to be more pleasant and is enjoyable in relatively small amounts due to the indulgence factor.