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Shatto Milk Company Chocolate Cherry Milk

Cherry flavor rings in early and often throughout the sip, but careful attention has been paid to the sweetness level which remains muted but competently supportive— preventing a ‘candified’ mockery of the rare (in chocolate milk) choc-cherry combo. I believe it’s seasonal (Valentine’s Day), but worth your immediate pursuit— another winner from the peerless Shatto portfolio.

KSU Chocolate Milk

Excellent creaminess with minimal viscosity— one of the most competent chocolate milks I’ve ever had in terms of this ratio. Both elegant and lithe, it drinks like a dream that you don’t want to wake from. Flavor-wise, it’s decidedly on the bland side, choosing to slow-play the cocoa flavor whilst keeping the sugar well at bay.

Kreider Farms Chocolate Milk

Relatively thin for whole milk, yet creamy and tasty in a way that whole chocolate milk is expected to be. There are neither sinister deviations from- nor brilliant exploitations of- the typical chocolate milk properties, just delicious simplicity.

Grace Harbor Farms Chocolate Milk

Excellently strong cocoa flavor and finely-tuned salty/sweet balance— I just wish I could get the cream to mix in without mechanical means! I shook until my arms gave out, and am still left with lots of tasty cream chunks that refuse to incorporate.

Market Pantry Chocolate Mint Milk

Sweet, minty, creamy, and modestly (but adequately) chocolaty, this is a fine addition to the holiday season that is tasty enough for year-round availability in the dairy case, though marketers ostensibly feel (perhaps rightly so?) that chocolate mint milk requires a gimmick for mainstream appeal.

Marburger Farm Dairy Chocolate Milk

Excellent creamy focus that strikes the delicate balance of flavor and mouthfeel. A strong salt quotient supports this and seems to be the main driver of the experience (not in a bad way), but the chocolate exists much more in the background, perhaps as a secondary or even tertiary feature behind cream and malt.

Spring House Chocolate Milk

An interesting, almost ‘slippery’ feel that you quickly warm to as the subtle flavor begins to sink in. It’s plenty creamy, and leaves a bit of a cocoa powder residue once the cream ebbs. There’s a sophistication to it that encourages the sip over the gulp, and I respect it for that.

Alpine Ridge Dairy Chocolate Goat Milk

The best chocolate goat milk I’ve had thus far! It’s extraordinarily well balanced from a salty/sweet/chocolaty perspective, and the cream is super-accessible and not overly ‘goaty’ (which may be a turnoff to some). All in all, a legitimately tasty feat of agri-confection.

Lapp Valley Farm Chocolate Milk

Akin to drinking salted, melted chocolate ice cream— if I didn't hate the words so much, I would use ‘hearty’ and ‘robust’ in the review— but I won’t despite their germaneness. Lovers of thick, creamy chocolate milk look no further.

Prairie Farms Lactose Free Chocolate Milk

Proof that lactose free can still be milky and natural feeling— this is a very welcomed, full-fat addition to the category. Does well to keep the sweetness on a leash and let the cocoa flavor shine, which it does more so in the latter half of the draw. This deserves to be more popular that I presume it to be.