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Coulter Farms Organic Chocolate Milk

Powerfully chocolaty and unique in all regards. The texture feels thin, cold, and yet densely packed with flavor. The cocoa strikes early and often throughout the sip, and you finish with a warm creamy coating on all surfaces that came in contact— trust me, it’s less pornographic than I’m making it sound. Great stuff!

Wawa Double Dutch Chocolate Milk

Hives-inducing cocoa strength, almost to a sour extent. I applaud the uniqueness, commitment to flavor, and not just delivering, but surpassing the ‘double’ claim on the label. It’s hard to drink quickly, and I like that. You could dilute it by half, and still have a more chocolaty experience than most others out there.

Turkey Hill Chocolate Milk

Strong chocolate upfront, backed by a creamy/salty base that is an effective sustain pedal for the flavor. There's a lot to like here, and though Pennsylvania is not want for delicious chocolate milk, it’s great to know that indulgence is as ubiquitous as TH stores throughout much of the state.

Braum's Chocolate Milk

Wow- refreshingly unique combination of cocoa flavor, textural density, and reigned-in sweetness that makes each mouthful one of satisfaction and intrigue. There’s also a unique marshmallow-esque flavor that comes through. Lovers of a thicker (and less sweet) chocolate milk profile will extol the virtues of Braum’s Chocolate Milk for years to come.

Oberweis Dairy Chocolate Milk

Light, yet indulgent feel— mainly due to the powerfully true cocoa flavor that graces each mouthful. All other flavors are in excellent proportion to support the delivery of chocolate with minimal distraction. Sounds complicated, but feels effortless.

Gossner Foods Chocolate Milk

Hugely creamy, almost to a buttery extent— and that somehow both overshadows (in a good way) and enhances (in a good way) the remainder of the experience. Its cream-to-viscosity ratio is stellar, as you’re not overburdened with thickness, yet still rewarded with a luxurious creamy flavor.

Morning Fresh Premium Chocolate Milk

Warmly creamy and a pleasant maltier cocoa quality that stands apart from many over-sweetened, candified chocolate flavors. It has a bit of fine grain to the texture, but the cream disperses extraordinarily well, causing you to bask in the afterglow of each sip.