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Valley Pride Organic Chocolate Milk

For mature audiences only! Dark chocolate flavor that retreats to the rear of the palate, absconding with your inhibitions and challenging your long-held chocolate milk paradigms. It’s delicious as it is unique, and for true fans of fireside sipping, sophistication emulating, or post-self-destruction brooding, this may be the one for you.

Avalon Dairy Chocolate Milk

Its pinkish hue exudes novelty from the very start, culminating in quite possibly the most powerfully malty chocolate milk I’ve yet to experience in nearly 1,300 worldwide. The texture is beautiful and does well to support the sharply delicious and nonpareil malty flavor.

Fresh Breeze Organic Chocolate Milk

Delectably buttery and well balanced, with a unique and crave-worthy splash-of-wild cream flavor, confident cocoa, and a salty bite that further amplifies its excellence. I can’t believe it’s 2%, and I do this for a living— this is outstanding stuff.

Manning Farm Dairy Chocolate Milk

Thickly creamy, and confidently chocolaty— a true dessert-like treat in liquid form. It’s rather filling, both from a spiritual and intestinal standpoint, and will be my stock answer going forward when asked, “What can you get for a dollar anymore?”

Bailys Dairy Chocolate Milk

Perhaps the utmost paragon of the low-viscosity, high-creaminess ratio that I hold dear! Its luxuriously creamy texture disperses naturally and uniformly, delivering a choco-maltiness that is as delicious as it is unique. You owe it your mouth to gift it this experience.

Manning Hill Farm Chocolate Milk

Cream and malt are decidedly the stars of the show here, and there’s little else to detract from that experience. It looks and drinks beautifully, exuding its indulgence via slow-burning cream rather than a sweet/chocolaty punch. The aftertaste is warm and reflective, and you drink more to maintain that sentiment rather than for another ‘hit’.

Memory Lane Dairy Chocolate Milk

Deliciously mild grass-fed flavor doesn’t usurp attention way from the cocoa but remains a solid supporting role throughout the experience. The cream also does its job astoundingly well, serving up a substantial, indulgent drink that nails the paradigm of chocolate milk we know and love.

Turner's Chocolate Milk

Deeply chocolaty with excellent backing from the sweetness and cream— a duo that work together very well to make the cocoa flavor pop upfront and sustain well into the pensive afterglow that is sure to follow.

Kalispell Kreamery Chocolate Milk

Gorgeous texture— thin yet creamy— a balance so infrequently struck in chocolate milk. Unencumbered by thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc.— you can really tell here. There’s no unnecessary thickness or starchiness, the cocoa flavor is deliciously prominent, and it all finishes extraordinarily cleanly. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more (I bought 3).