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Maple Hill Organic Chocolate Milk

Devastatingly focused on delivering a clean, true cocoa flavor that pairs exceedingly well with the cream to provide a top-flight drinking experience. There’s a salty bite and a fleeting but blissful grassy back-end that both feels like a reward, yet is rewarding in itself.

Origin Chocolate Milk

Delicious from first sip to navel-gazing repose; it’s evident that great care went into the cocoa profile, both in the flavor and how to maintain its presence throughout the experience. The powerful cocoa flavor leaves an ephemeral chalky footprint— one that you’ll want to follow back to the fridge time and time again.

Mom's Organic Chocolate Milk

Confidently wild, luxuriously creamy, and exceedingly drinkable— the grass-fed cream is by far the star of the show here. Chocolate plays an understated, yet competent role, letting the cream flourish and the salt accentuate each draw like an ocean wave lapping the smoothly sun-bleached rocks of the Downeast Maine coast.

Valley Pride Organic Chocolate Milk

For mature audiences only! Dark chocolate flavor that retreats to the rear of the palate, absconding with your inhibitions and challenging your long-held chocolate milk paradigms. It’s delicious as it is unique, and for true fans of fireside sipping, sophistication emulating, or post-self-destruction brooding, this may be the one for you.

Grace Harbor Farms Chocolate Milk

Excellently strong cocoa flavor and finely-tuned salty/sweet balance— I just wish I could get the cream to mix in without mechanical means! I shook until my arms gave out, and am still left with lots of tasty cream chunks that refuse to incorporate.

Fresh Breeze Organic Chocolate Milk

Delectably buttery and well balanced, with a unique and crave-worthy splash-of-wild cream flavor, confident cocoa, and a salty bite that further amplifies its excellence. I can’t believe it’s 2%, and I do this for a living— this is outstanding stuff.

Coulter Farms Organic Chocolate Milk

Powerfully chocolaty and unique in all regards. The texture feels thin, cold, and yet densely packed with flavor. The cocoa strikes early and often throughout the sip, and you finish with a warm creamy coating on all surfaces that came in contact— trust me, it’s less pornographic than I’m making it sound. Great stuff!

Wegmans Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Intriguing cocoa flavor that drops hints of sourness before vanishing into the ether. The taste is preferable to the texture, which is on the thicker/starchier side. All in all, a unique chocolate milk that is a pleasant addition to the under-served UHT market in the States.

Organic Valley Breakfast Balance Dark Chocolate

Hollow and watery with the trademark Stevia-astringency, which remains remarkably difficult to hide. I’ve had much worse tasting things at this low-50s-calorie-per-100mL tranche, and I can’t deny the impressive attributes (organic, lactose free, gluten free, Fair Trade, high calcium, high(ish) protein)— but the flavor and drinking experience does not compare favorably to your average chocolate milk.

Traderspoint Creamery Organic Chocolate Milk Shot

Dark, bold, mature cocoa flavor that is drinkable through the wondrous confluence of science and agriculture. It’s the perfect size (4.5oz / 135mL) for something so indulgent, in that it not only prevents over exposure, but it forces one to drink it slowly and truly appreciate the experience. The future of chocolate milk for adults, and perhaps the future of dessert itself.

Hilhof Dairy Organic Chocolate Milk

A hint of ‘wild’ sets this creamy, chocolaty dream apart from the more ‘produced’ chocolate milks out there. It disperses wonderfully and leaves you with a slight cocoa film, but feels natural throughout. This makes me think of how chocolate milk perhaps used to be— and what horrible things have happened to afford us the myriad concoctions/perversions that flood the market today.

Castle Rock Organic Farms Cream Line Chocolate Milk

Fantastic creamy flavor, though you do have to eat some of it. The chocolate settles rather quickly, but if you can catch it in suspension, you will be able to taste it— but cream is the predominant flavor. Vigorous shaking is insufficient to mix it completely— you will require mechanical means for this should you wish to try.