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Giant Chocolate Milk

Solidly chocolaty and fairly sweet— mired only by a slight cloying aftertaste that kicks in a couple seconds post-gulp. The flavor in the beginning half of the sip is rather decent, it just tries to hang on too long.

Lactaid Whole Chocolate Milk

Very smooth, appropriately creamy, but lacking a cocoa punch. Instead, the flavor resembles an inoffensive, yet relatively uninspired cooked milk sweetness that fades in proportion with the sip-to-swallow process. You’re left with a clean finish that helps to warrant future consumption, facilitating the ‘getting used to’ process.

Anderson Erickson Dark Chocolate Milk

Delicious dark chocolate flavor that is paired with appropriate levels of sweetness and salt. The texture is more of a distraction than anything else— and the creaminess isn’t quite where it should be. It’s on the viscous side, and doesn’t disperse as naturally as you’d expect, so there’s a bit of a ‘gulping’ action necessary to get it down.

Hansen's Dairy Chocolate Milk

Beautifully focused on chocolate, with a confident salty snap and a sweetness that fades into the background like a motionless barn owl. This definitely pushes the limits of what 1% milk fat can achieve— if/when Hansen’s Dairy produces a whole chocolate milk, I’ll be first in line!