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WW Homestead Dairy Skim Chocolate Milk

About as good as a nonfat chocolate milk can be. Chocolate remains the primary focus, and the supporting cast delivers it with enough confidence to allay strong suspicions about the fat content (or lack thereof). It does drink a little on the thicker side, but perhaps they’ve unlocked a secret regarding nonfat chocolate milk— don’t homogenize.

United Dairy Chocolate Nonfat Milk

Has that sweet carton-y flavor that plagues many chocolate milks packaged in such a way. Basically, it’s like licking one of those colored greeting card envelopes that has a modicum of sweetness and otherwise industrial paper-like quality. I think I prefer the envelope.

Lamers Dairy Fat Free Chocolate Milk

Sweet, dusty cocoa taste with a chalky conclusion, this is far from the worst fat free chocolate milk I’ve had. It’s palatable in small amounts, and gets better with repetition, yet still far from something you’d reach for to serve hedonistic pursuits.

Hiland Skim Chocolate Milk

It's easy to forget how unnatural skim chocolate milk looks, feels, and tastes— this is no exception. Cloyingly sweet and unsupported by its cream-starved base, you will begin to wonder if even the most sugar-ravenous kids would disparage their young viscera with anything more than a trial sip.

Cheer Fat Free Chocolate Milk

Feels more syrupy than milky— not only texture-wise, but the flavor is also more of an empty sweetness than one of chocolate. It checks the box for the waning populace to whom the phrase ‘fat free’ still holds cachet— but this is yet another example of nonfat chocolate milk attempting to please everyone, whilst effectively pleasing no one.