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Market Pantry Chocolate Mint Milk

Sweet, minty, creamy, and modestly (but adequately) chocolaty, this is a fine addition to the holiday season that is tasty enough for year-round availability in the dairy case, though marketers ostensibly feel (perhaps rightly so?) that chocolate mint milk requires a gimmick for mainstream appeal.

Marburger Farm Dairy Chocolate Milk

Excellent creamy focus that strikes the delicate balance of flavor and mouthfeel. A strong salt quotient supports this and seems to be the main driver of the experience (not in a bad way), but the chocolate exists much more in the background, perhaps as a secondary or even tertiary feature behind cream and malt.

Windy Ridge Dairy Chocolate Milk

Wow! The first sip is an education, the second sip is for confirmation, and all remaining sips are pure, unadulterated recreation. If normal ‘great’ chocolate milk is akin to melted ice cream, this is melted Haagen Dazs, and time spent not in pursuit of this chocolate milk should be considered wasteful and foolhardy!

Rivendale Chocolate Milk

Fantastically mature cocoa flavor that coalesces seamlessly with velvety smooth cream, capped with a knowing nod to the wild; all aspects are honed to such a high degree of quality. Chocolate milk aficionados would be extremely remiss to pass up this experience afforded by Rivendale.

Whoa Nellie Dairy Chocolate Milk

Melted chocolate butter— what more can you say. I will forever remember where I stood in that Connellsville, PA public parking lot when my insides were first graced with this gloriously indulgent, refulgent, buttery bliss of a beverage. The name makes sense to me now.

Spring House Chocolate Milk

An interesting, almost ‘slippery’ feel that you quickly warm to as the subtle flavor begins to sink in. It’s plenty creamy, and leaves a bit of a cocoa powder residue once the cream ebbs. There’s a sophistication to it that encourages the sip over the gulp, and I respect it for that.

Ritchey's Chocolate Milk

Seems to be lacking the cream that you might expect from that extra 0.5% above the typical lowfat (which is present in the cartoned version). Nonetheless, an amply chocolaty experience in an eye-catching package that can hold its own in the mid-tier.

Galliker's Chocolate Milk

No shortage of flavor, though a bit reliant on sweetness to carry it through. Each sip starts and ends sweet, and there’s cocoa in between but there’s nearly a syrupy quality to it that lingers in the throat beyond its curfew.

Giant Chocolate Milk

Solidly chocolaty and fairly sweet— mired only by a slight cloying aftertaste that kicks in a couple seconds post-gulp. The flavor in the beginning half of the sip is rather decent, it just tries to hang on too long.

Coulter Farms Organic Chocolate Milk

Powerfully chocolaty and unique in all regards. The texture feels thin, cold, and yet densely packed with flavor. The cocoa strikes early and often throughout the sip, and you finish with a warm creamy coating on all surfaces that came in contact— trust me, it’s less pornographic than I’m making it sound. Great stuff!