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Glenview Farms Lowfat Chocolate Milk

Its dull gray appearance translates seamlessly to the flavor— it’s under chocolaty, over-carton-y, and highlighted by a sweet, adhesive-like note— akin to licking those envelopes that are mildly sweetened. On the plus side, it’s very smooth, so it won’t clog your sink drain when disposing of it.

Fairlife Smart Snacks Rich Chocolate

The sweeteners seem to be in competition and ultimately dominate the experience. A honey-like note kicks off the sip, but by the end, you have a saliva-inducing essence plaguing your tongue. In the interim, there’s too much chalk and not enough cocoa to salvage a respectable score.

Lamers Dairy Fat Free Chocolate Milk

Sweet, dusty cocoa taste with a chalky conclusion, this is far from the worst fat free chocolate milk I’ve had. It’s palatable in small amounts, and gets better with repetition, yet still far from something you’d reach for to serve hedonistic pursuits.

Milk Magic Chocolate Milk Drink

More of a ‘light' flavor— not quite ‘bland’— but not far from it. It’s thin and feels milky upfront, but finishes more on the watery side. It exudes that ‘artificial chocolate’ flavor that reminds me of how paint thinner smells— not necessarily unpleasant, but not something your tastebuds will crave.

Hay Dairies Chocolate Goat Milk

It's hard to tell that this is sweetened at all— or ‘chocolate’ for that matter. I’ve never had straight goat milk, but now I feel that I have. Not the worst thing under the sun, but aside from a mild ‘game’ flavor and an equally mild ‘malt’ flavor— there’s very little here to taste. It’s very thin, and separates quickly— otherwise you wouldn't believe that it was ‘chocolate goat milk.’

Dutch Lady Milky Chocolate Milk (box)

Relatively smooth, but tastes like a fortified drink to an extent— there’s a minor vitamin-enhanced-metallic bent to the flavor that is not necessarily distracting, but just as prominent as the (still weak) cocoa flavor. A few straw-lengths and the tiny box is depleted, much like your desire to siphon 125mL more.

Fairlife Smart Milkshakes Chocolate

Smooth and sweet— but I taste more stevia than honey. It’s not as blatant as some of the other Fairlife products, but neither is the chocolate presence. It could use a heavier dose of salt to bring out the cream, as it’s lacking flavor dimensionality.